Ismaning / Munich, - February & April 2009
POINT tec Electronic GmbH
Specialist for fine Aviator Design & Radio Controlled WristWatches in Munich branded

- fine timepieces „Made in Germany“ -
expands its booth presentation area at the BASLE FAIR 2009 by double due to strong growth of international success.

Halle 5.1 ( 1 Stock ) – Stand Nr. E 25

The POINT tec Electronic GmbH, for many years well established in design, manufacture and worldwide sales of fine quality functional wristwatches “Made in Germany”, welcomes an active and increasing number of worldwide business partners again at its exhibition stand at BASELWORLD WATCH SHOW March 26th to April 2nd, 2009.

The family enterprise founded in 1987 in Munich exclusively holds the license from HUGO JUNKERS, the famous German constructor and engineer of passenger airplanes such as the “ Auntie JU 52 ” and from GRAF ZEPPELIN the ingenious pioneer of aeronautics and his huge Zeppelin airships. The slogan “Legends Alive” reflects the impact of the famous pioneer names of early German aviation.

In addition MAXIMILIAN MÜNCHEN offers its own innovative collection of radio controlled wristwatches to all those watch lovers asking for the highest time precision. Following already many years of participation at both the fairs in Munich and Basel the presentation space at the BASLE WORLD - SHOW 2009 will be even double the size of the previous years. The international sales of the JUNKERS and ZEPPELIN watch brands could be again strongly expanded in 2008. The growing demand and thus need for meeting space at this most important global industry event made this step forward a necessary one.

The following new collection - developments will further push sales during the year 2009:
The newly released collection segments “JUNKERS HORIZON” and “JUNKERS FLAT LINE” respectively “ZEPPELIN FLAT LINE” have proven bestseller potential during the year 2008 impressively. During the 1st half of 2009 manufacturing capacities now will be adjusted to the strong demand. The JUNKERS Wellblech ( corrugated iron ) - Series will be amended with new mechanical watches and at the ZEPPELIN collection a brand new ladies’ series will be introduced.

On momentous occasion of commemorating the last flight from historic Berlin Tempelhof Airport (1909 - 2008) with a JUNKERS JU52 aeroplane on 30.10.2008 - 23:59 GMT (+1) POINTtec created 3 limited watch model references. The timepieces having been very positively received during the memorable event now will be officially presented during the 2 spring fairs.

Professor HUGO JUNKERS (1859 - 1935) was born on February 3rd, 1859, in Rheydt close to the city of Mönchengladbach in North-Rhine-Westphalia. Indeed he was one of the greatest pioneers of techniques and aviation in Germany. Commemorating the 150th birthday of the famous entrepreneur, inventor, constructor of the first ever all metal aircraft and founder of the first worldwide aeroplane passenger traffic lines for the year 2009 POINTtec created a full range of new high-grade timepieces. Same as the legendary airplane JUNKERS JU52 these exclusive watches all marked “ 150 Jahre Hugo Junkers “ stand for precision, reliability and quality rating.

100 Years ZEPPELIN
In the year 1909 the Deutsche Luftschiffahrts AG DELAG ( German Aviation Share Holder Company ) was founded, the first ever airline company worldwide. Indeed it has been Ferdinand Count of Zeppelin ( 1838 – 1917 ) who as a matter of fact was the originator of the civil, commercial aviation. During more than 1.500 cruises close to 35.000 passengers were carried in Europe and throughout the globe. POINTtec is commemorating this anniversary launching a new watch series all marked “ 100 Jahre ZEPPELIN “.

All new editions together as well as the approved standard collections of JUNKERS and ZEPPELIN watches during the year 2009 will not only safe-guard the business already built up sustainable but will also support the further expansion of the national and international market position of the Munich based family enterprise. Today there is in Germany - besides POINT tec Electronic GmbH - no other manufacturer remaining who offers such design, technical quality and outstanding price-for-value-ratio wristwatches “ Made in Germany “ through its distribution partners to consumers worldwide.

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