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    Picture Launch of a NEW watch brand: Ideatempo !

    IDEATEMPO is a new watch brand, designed by Andrea Palama.

    Born in Crotone in southern Italy, Mr. Palama spent most of his youth in Rome, where he studied design at the Academy.

    He began his own career as a freelance deisgner in 1991. It was in this year that he came up with his 1st brilliant creation for the watchmaking sector: a watch with case and strap of high-quality Sardinian natural cork.

    After spending more than a year designing and producing this model, he decided to set up his own distribution company for this special watch. And so he invented the NICE brand.

    In 1996, he was awarded the Best Award Design at the Gallery of Design and Innovation in New York. His work with computerized graphics led to an international prize, the Best Combination Site, an award given by Media Magazine and Apple Inc. for the creation of an original website.

    In 1998, he presented an innovative collection of watches with essential lines and featuring only the basic colours black and white. The collection proved to be too mininalist for consumer tastes at the time and did not meet with the expected success.

    The trend was, however, launched the following year, when designer Calvin Klein came out with his watch collection, which had essential lines and used only black and white. It was a worldwide success and the trend took hold in the sector.

    In 2000, Andy Palama decided to design a collection with very original shapes and, this time, in an explosion of colours and new materials. With a new industrial partner that enabled Palama's company to expand its horizons to the world market, production was transferred from Switzerland to Asia.

    His new collections met with great success at international trade fairs and gave Andy Palama the opportunity to design watches for various leading brands, suc as Puma, Anne Klein, Jennifer Lopez, Naj Oleari and Speedo and to express his creativity beyond the sphere of NICE.

    Finally, with the creation of a second brand, COOL, he began a unique application of colour and plastic materials to the design of watches and small jewellery. Today, Andy Palama is responsible for the NICE and COOL image.

    Today 2009, Andy Palama decided to design and launch a very new and original collection with the new brand IDEATEMPO. Inspired from the transparency and limpidity.

    IDEATEMPO is an explosion of colours and materials. Based on fashion and high technology with exclusive modules, transparent LCD displays, animated LED displays, and fusion of materials, between PC, Silicon, Steel, Rubber, etc. Lots of models have unique technical features in harmony combined with the design.

    IDEATEMPO will be officially launched at Baselworld:
    Hall 6 Alfa
    Stand E 21

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