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    Picture Steffen 'Julius Costructa', limited to 88 pieces worldwide

    The "Julius Costructa" is Steffen's latest creation. Only 88 pieces of this unique watch will be produced and sold world wide. Every single watch will come with a certificate.

    In many cultures the number "8" stands for happiness, prosperity and even perfection. Often the number "8" is linked to magical powers.

    Also in science the number "8" has a certain position and in maths, turned clockwise, it is a symbol for eternity.

    This symbol of eternity triggers the emotional human being who likes to connect it with endless love en beauty.

    The automatic movement is worked on in Switzerland to make it partial transparent.

    The Steffen Julius Costructa is available from February 2009 from selected jeweler stores. Price is EUR 2,850.00 and appr. 20 watches have already been pre-ordered.

    More information at

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