Conquest 300M Auto Thoughts?
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Thread: Conquest 300M Auto Thoughts?

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    Conquest 300M Auto Thoughts?

    Iím taking a break from divers and looking for a watch that falls in the GADA range. The Conquest 300M 41m auto has caught my eye but Iíve found few reviews and pics. Hoping there are some owners out there that can offer their thoughts.

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    Re: Conquest 300M Auto Thoughts?

    I do not own one, but my opinion is "ehhh." It's a very forgettable looking watch, something that you will wear as a tool to tell time rather than wear to enjoy. I would either save up and reach for a pre-owned Omega Aqua Terra, look at other brands, or look at other options from Longines.
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    Re: Conquest 300M Auto Thoughts?

    I can see Uncle Turbo's point, but all those GADA watches are like that in some regard. Personally, I've flirted with the 39mm version several times. I think it's a great GADA, dressy enough for those situations, but also basic enough to be worn at the beach/play. Mr.Cairo wrote a great post about the 39mm version a few years ago.

    In the Longines favor, it's cheaper, it uses a readily available movement that will be easily serviced, it's solid as a rock, and looks good to me. I owned the AT, and while it's a beauty and a great watch, it's thick, it's more expensive, and the (beautiful) 8500(?) series movement will be expensive to service. If I was going to level up, I'd go ahead for the Rolex Explorer and be done. But I honestly think the Longines is a great option.

    I've decided I don't want a GADA since then it would ruin my "reasons" for owning multiple watches. :)

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