Longines 1904 pocket - is it real?

Thread: Longines 1904 pocket - is it real?

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    Longines 1904 pocket - is it real?

    I was browsing pocket watches on That Auction Site and stumbled on a Longines being sold by someone who usually has quartz job lots of the estate or goodwill type , among other assorted vintage and antique things. I usually go for Soviet watches, so I don't know enough about Longines to know for sure if this is genuine, or worth buying.

    I checked the serial number, which places it at 1904. If I understand correctly, the dial could be original as they were enamel at this time. The hands don't look real clean. I assume the case could be either/or. The seller listed it as working and keeping time.

    Anyone here think the movement (at least) is genuine, and could hazard a value? I'm not expecting a coup, more that a nice, 115yo pocket watch with a good movement fell into my price range, that maybe I can restore hands and case or whatever as time goes by.

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    Re: Longines 1904 pocket - is it real?

    The movement is a genuine Longines, it should be a calibre 18.68. The dial may be too. Hands are definitely not, and the case, unless it has the same SN as the movement, may not be original either.
    But if I can reassure you, it's very difficult to find all genuine pocket watches of the early 20th century, so as a pocket watch collector I tend to focus more on genuine movements and dials and put matching hands and case if those later two need to be replaced. On this watch, just a good new set of hands would do the trick.
    This movement is not very rare or look after, and was basic grade for Longines, so it does not hold high value.

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