I was wondering if orient is going to release some new hand-wound watches like the discontinued Orient Monarch.

Maybe a classic design, with the dial of the new Bambino Version 5 (with the breguet style numerals), without date window, and with the case design and size of the Orient star elegant classic (38,7mm, 50m WR). That would make an excellent new hand wound watch. Roman numerals dial would also be great.

Another good idea: A model with the arabic numerals of the symphony er27008w/esteem, without date window, blue hands, something like a marine/deck watch. Now imagine a new hand wound Orient like this, it would look terrific.

Hope someone from Orient is reading here and make these ideas come true. Hey, not all people can afford an A. Lange & Sohne 1815, or a Dufour Simplicity, or even a 1000 dollar German Deck watch. So here is a good chance for Orient to make some great affordable hand wound alternatives :)

Maybe we should post our thoughts here, on how we imagine a new hand wound Orient watch.