Orient Ray 2 - Spring Bar Size? Pin Diameter anyone?
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Thread: Orient Ray 2 - Spring Bar Size? Pin Diameter anyone?

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    Orient Ray 2 - Spring Bar Size? Pin Diameter anyone?


    I tried searching the forum and elsewhere but no luck.
    Anyone knows the exact size of the spring bars, specifically pin diameter, is it 0.8mm?


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    Re: Orient Ray 2 - Spring Bar Size? Pin Diameter anyone?

    I measure the spring bars on my Mako II at 1.6mm diameter. Perhaps somebody else could verify also?
    There's plenty of 1.5mm and 1.8mm spring bars on ebay, but the 1.6mm seem rather hard to find.

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    Re: Orient Ray 2 - Spring Bar Size? Pin Diameter anyone?

    Just shoot an e-mail to Orient, you can even buy it from them I'm sure it's like $1.80 for a pair if I remember correctly since I bought it from them 2 or 3 years ago

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    Re: Orient Ray 2 - Spring Bar Size? Pin Diameter anyone?

    I just went through this exercise in the last few days.

    The OE spring bars are 1.6mm, pin end diameter is 0.76mm, spring bar length is 24.5mm . 1.8mm bars WILL NOT FIT the bracelet (I tried). So, 0.8mm will work for this watch since I've found 0.8mm usually means 0.75-0.78mm in reality.

    I installed 22mm / 1.8mm Swiss-made bars with thicker pin diameter ends (0.85mm, length is 25.5mm). I bought these 22mm ones, fit perfectly in my Ray II. They are MUCH beefier, zero flexing compared to the typical cheap Chinese bars, with a much stronger springs but of course much pricier than the Chinese-made spring bars. The tip appears to be longer too compared to the typical Chinese made spring bar when I compared side-by-side.


    These are identical to the OE bars that came my two Omegas. Not cheap but will worth it (and a WHOLE lot cheaper than an Omega AD will charge!).

    I found out is the Swiss put a 2mm-2.5mm longer-than-lug sized bar if paired with a bracelet (easier to remove), 3.5mm-4mm longer if paired with a strap (reduces probability of the bar popping out due to the greater flex with a strap compared to a bracelet). Bracelet ends are rigid, spring bars don't have the tendency to pop out if on the short side with a bracelet like they do with a strap. For that reason I prefer spring bars with straps to be around 1mm longer than with a bracelet.

    The spring bar holes on my Ray II are at least 0.9mm in diameter. I used one of my pin pusher tools that's 0.9mm to gauge the size. The tool easily slipped into the s/b hole on the lug but I have no idea it's exact size.

    The 22mm bars in the link above fit perfectly with my Ray II and the strap I have it on (a blue alligator-patterned leather BOB strap). Much snugger fit, zero movement with the lug holes compared to the OE bars with the same strap, plus the bars I bought are about 1mm longer.
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