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    Re: Master Ultra Thin Date

    I find my black dial MUT Moon to be too dressy for my everyday use. I use my Skyfall Aqua Terra daily.

    If I wore a suit everyday, then I would consider a MUT.


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    Re: Master Ultra Thin Date

    Quote Originally Posted by mayaver View Post
    As an everyday watch. What's the verdict on this? Is it solid enough or a little flimsy? Really liking the 39mm size and thinness and seriously tempted to get one.
    When you say (or anyone for that matter) "everyday watch" or "GADA" or whatever broad classification is being referenced, it helps greatly if those terms are defined in what they mean to you.

    For an example compare the following:

    "I'm looking for an everyday watch. I work in finance and typically wear suits in the office, but I want it to not look too out of place during casual errands on the weekends. I would never wear this watch working out or to the beach though and this everyday watch should be my basic go-to for work."


    "I'm looking for an everyday watch. I supervise a construction company focusing on building office complexes. I often visit a site where things can get banged around a bit but I don't do any heavy lifting anymore. That said, I also have to present proposals to high end clients at times as well during the same day so the watch needs to look good with a polo or a blazer."

    I would say the MUT Date would be fine for the first example if you go with a matte finish band, but not for the latter example.

    I personally like the MUT series but I do not find them good "weekend" watches even if they are on casual straps. The Polaris line is better suited for that if you are looking for a current modern JLC production watch. It's not that the MUT watches are flimsy (though they are not super tough either), its more their style is just dressier in general.

    If I had the choice on a limited budget, I'd get a more expensive dressier watch and just purchase a g-shock for the weekends. I sincerely doubt most watch snobs worth a damn will laugh at such a 2 watch collection and for those who have no clue they probably wouldn't say anything anyway. If you had some weird thing where you could only own one watch, then buy a steel Rolex you like that will work almost anywhere (Datejust, Oyster Perpetual, Explorer, Submariner, etc) or a similarly styled Omega (Seamaster, Aqua Terra, Globemaster, etc) if you hate Rolex for some reason. Whatever you do, make sure to try the watch on before you buy it. Hope that helped and good luck on your search!
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    Re: Master Ultra Thin Date

    I have owned the steel and the rose gold master moon. I would not call them every day watches, unless you are dressed up every day. They are delicate pieces and need some babying in my opinion.

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    Re: Master Ultra Thin Date

    Quote Originally Posted by BarracksSi View Post
    But at nighttime, your time is all for your lady. You shouldn’t even be considering what time it is because you don’t need to be anywhere else.

    (how’s that for a spin in favor of no lume? )
    You may be right, anyway we don't sleep or shower with a JLC watch.
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    Re: Master Ultra Thin Date

    Quote Originally Posted by lvt View Post
    You may be right, anyway we don't sleep or shower with a JLC watch.
    Even less of a reason to ask for lume

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    I’d say this would be a dressy watch and wouldn’t be a casual watch. Best worn with a collar shirt at least if you want to pull off a casual jeans+collar shirt look

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    Re: Master Ultra Thin Date

    I find complications dress a watch down.

    The reserve de marche or master geographic, master chronograph, or to a lesser extent even the MUT moon or triple date are much more versatile I think.
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