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Thread: Timegrapher for the non-watchmaker.

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    Re: Timegrapher for the non-watchmaker.

    I would add that the 1900 can be had for maybe $40 more. You get a larger color screen (entrance and exit stone marks with different colors), and a digital filter (I've read). It works on co-axials and can autodetect the rate, which I hear can be helpful on a really badly adjusted watch.

    Here's a shot of mine on my Breitling Galactic 44.

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    You can't see the entrance and exit marks because this watch is F*ing perfect!

    (Oh, the amplitude is low cuz I yanked it out of the roll, gave it a few turns and put it on the TG, so not quite perfect, but close).
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    Re: Timegrapher for the non-watchmaker.

    I sell vintage watches now and then. I'm certainly no expert but you get a very good idea of the watch condition and can help predict future problems or needed maintenence. Worth every penny. About $100. Plus when you have a peachy vintage it's very satisfying to see it running +/- 10 seconds a day.

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    Any of the Chinese Weishi timegraphers work very well, they're cheap new.
    Bear in mind that the trace and results they show aren't an absolute as you need to average positions and then figure out how you wear your watch and the positions it's most likely to run in.
    When I service a watch I typically test in 3 positions unless it's a certified chronometer in which case 6.

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    Re: Timegrapher for the non-watchmaker.

    I was like you about 8 months ago when I bought my first one. I love it and YES, you will become OCD. What I have found, in general, from using it and reading about the results in publications, on wrist daily rate will be about 50% SLOWER than that recorded on the machine. So what happens when your machine averages "0" over the 5 positions, since .5X0=0? We wish. On wrist, your watch will probably be in the "-".

    Have fun, heb

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    Re: Timegrapher for the non-watchmaker.

    I recently bought a 1900 model and love it. My watches are normally stored with the 6 down (facing sideways) for a few days at a time, so I was able to set all my rates to around -1 +2 to 0 +3 per day when in this specific position. This made me much happier since previously my watches were on average anywhere from -1 to +16. Having to reset my watches every week because at least one of them was off by two minutes bugged the heck out of me. I just like to grab and go, and being off 2 minutes per week (4 mins every couple weeks, etc) for a timing device was atrocious (to me). Now i'll be closer to resetting once a month, if that :)

    Also, because these toys are delicate and I'm not a watchmaker, I don't think I'm going to get OCD over it. These aren't cheap toys and I don't want to open/close/adjust/open/close/adjust so many times that I do major damage. There's a certain amount of care and inherent fear every time I grab any of those tools...
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