The Gruen Watch Catalog
NEW for 2015 and in time for the holidays!

A color duplication of the Gruen relic discovered in the 1990s containing photographs and data on nearly every Gruen watch model made from the 1920s to the late 1950s. This 280+ page book was made with exacting detail so that the reader is left with the feeling of owning the manuscript itself.

The same source manuscript used to create The Gruen Watch Catalog was utilized by Roy Ehrhardt to create his black and white book, The Gruen Master Book. That book was published using a photocopier so the quality is compromised and the true beauty of this rare manuscript is missed.

4,000 individual photographs of Gruen watches are contained in the book including pocket watches, wristwatches of all types, lady's wristlet, cartouches, baguettes, and the Carres. Minute details are visible on every watch photograph such as the shadow of the hands on the dial and the ability to read the text stamped in the backs of empty cases. The replication of the photographs resulted in a book highly functional at matching physical watches to the images in the book as well as a book that is visually stunning.

Learn more about the book and see sample pages on The Gruen Watch Catalog webpage and in the Gruen Bookstore. This is a hard cover book that is meant to last a lifetime. You can purchase a copy in the Gruen Bookstore for $85 + shipping. You can also purchase from Lulu.

Here are a couple of example pages