$395 expedited shipping and insurance in the USA only.

I have a few more orcas coming in, so I am putting this one up in case someone in the 50 USA, was looking to add a polished dress outer case. This outer case will hold smuggly all the sapphire size variants (flat, 2mm and DD 4MM sapphire) except the 6.7mm sapphire variant that will protrude above it. This one has the stainless bezel inlay, has the basic barely seen scratches. I see no major dings as a result of any smacks. The particular dress polish orca case is no longer available via h2o. This one was polished directly from h2o , the manufacturer. Comes with all the 4 case screws and 2 lug screws and screwed lug bars. I love it takes 24mm straight end bracelets which permits a myriad of options to mix and match.

I am not the original owner. This one came directly from a collector in Germany who owns 30 plus watches so it did not get much use. I have truly enjoyed it and have used it in my 3 to 4 watch rotation. Only outer case is for sale. Pctures of the full watch are for illustrative purposes. Thanks, isaac

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