FAQ, real or Fake Frogman.
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Thread: FAQ, real or Fake Frogman.

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    Wink FAQ, real or Fake Frogman.

    Often we have the question if a Frogman is real or Fake... Sometimes a Fake Frogman is sold for terrible high prices. To prevent yourself from buying a fake frogman you will find here pictures of the real DW-8200 and the fake versions that pop up everywhere on the net.

    Note that a Fake Frogman is not water resistant, even under the shower or when swimming water can come into the case.

    This is my real DW-8200:

    Take attention on the color scheme and the display. Upper display 1 line and main display 2 lines.

    A DW-8200 has one eye on the upper left of the sisplay, so not three or a worldmap or other things. Here are the fakes that can be found on eBay and probably on a lot of other places on the net too:



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    Re: FAQ, real or Fake Frogman.

    I just got one sent to me today and it was fake i bought it of ebay the seller put a orignal pic up of the frogman and then sent me a fake one thats another refund i have to claim for.

    OH YEAH JUST TO LET YOU GUYS NO THE SELLER'S EBAY NAME IS souldier_blue in case there relist it agian.
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