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    Damasko DA46 watch photos


    I want to try collecting some watch photos for reference. I will choose a few
    photos from the various member posts and copy them to this individual thread.
    Then I will reference this post in a sticky thread at the top of the forum. I will
    lock this post and we will just edit it to add photos so the post doesn't go to
    the top of the list whenever new photos are added. We may edit some of the
    photos. Please don't be offended if the background you included in your photo
    gets cropped out. Let's start with separate posts for each model. They can be
    merged later if we want. We'll see if this becomes too much maintain.


    Mike Stuffler wrote a detailed review of the DA46 with some Damasko history.
    Review of the Damasko DA 46

    DA46 black photos from Kaner
    Rosie with DA46 black

    DA46 black on wrist

    DA46 black on Isofrane
    Name:  DA46_black_on_Isofrane_Kaner.jpg
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