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    Helmut Sinn

    Helmut Sinn is the founder of Sinn Spezialuhren.

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    (image from watchlife.com)

    Here is the Helmut Sinn home page:

    Helmut Sinn's watch collection is shown here (written in German):
    Vintage collectors watches of Helmut Sinn
    The watches are for sale (some are already sold). Perhaps as he
    approaches his 96th birthday Herr Sinn has wondered what he
    will do with all those watches. It is a question we might ask of

    Here is the Helmut Sinn page on wikipedia:
    Helmut Sinn

    Helmut Sinn is featured in a few video clips available on YouTube:
    Helmut Sinn - Die Zeitmaschine - Trailer (4:16)

    LibelulaX Pro Client (2:39)

    LibelulaX Pro Client (4:34)

    Here is the link to Helmut Sinn's current watch company:
    GUINAND-UHREN Helmut Sinn GmbH

    Here is the link to Sinn Spezialuhren:
    Sinn Spezialuhren

    Helmut Sinn with Jasper Bitter At Jubilar Uhren/Guinand NOV, 2006
    (image from classicheuer.de)
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    JohnF wrote about an evening with Helmut Sinn (20 Oct, 2012).
    Read the story and see John's photos. --> An Evening with Sinn...

    Helmut Sinn (20 OCT, 2012 photo by JohnF)

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