Junghans Max Bill

Max Bill (1908 - 1994) was a famous Swiss architect and designer.
You can search for and find articles about him. --> wikipedia: Max Bill
The wikipedia article lists Max Bill as a typeface designer among
other things he did.

The Junghans "Max Bill" started with a kitchen clock designed by Max Bill,
and introduced by Junghans about 1956 or 1957. The various Max Bill
wrist watches appear to use this design as a starting point. Note the
"4" which distinguishes the typeface used in this design.

Junghans kitchen clock designed by Max Bill
photo from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Name:  Max_Bill_vam.ac.uk.jpg
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There are several variations of the Junghans max Bill design,
which leads to discussion and choices.

tribe125 wrote an illustrated review of his white/silver dial
Junghans Max Bill automatic (38mm, no date). The subsequent
discussion brings up a lot of the history of the design. --> Max Bill

Junghans Max Bill automatic, photo from tribe125
Name:  Max_Bill_automatic_tribe125.jpg
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dowsing showed us his Junghans Max Bill automatic with the
unnumbered dial. Read the thread --> Max Bill Auto unboxing

Junghans max Bill automatic, photo from dowsing
Name:  Max_Bill_automatic_dowsing_600.jpg
Views: 1976
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The Junghans Max Bill hand wind version case is about 34.5 mm.

Junghans Max Bill hand wind
photo from watchma
Name:  Max_Bill_hand_wind_watchma.jpg
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How does the hand wind compare to the automatic version?
somniloquist showed us a comparison on the wrist. Read the
thread. --> Junghans Max Bill Hand Wind Questions

Junghans Max Bill Hand Wind vs automatic
photo from somniloquist
Name:  Max_Bill_hand_wind_vs_auto_somniloquist_800.jpg
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There is a Max Bill chronograph called the "Chronoscope".
The Max Bill Chronoscope has a separate entry here. -->
Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope

Off site you can read this illustrated article which traces the
history of Junghans Max Bill watches.
A Short Guide: The Original Max Bill Junghans Watch Design from 1962