Drass and gold, an innovative combination of materials ‘made in Firenze’

Thread: Drass and gold, an innovative combination of materials ‘made in Firenze’

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    Drass and gold, an innovative combination of materials ‘made in Firenze’

    Drass and gold, an innovative combination of materials ‘made in Firenze’
    One of Anonimo’s main advantages is its know-how in watchcases. In 2010, the Italian watchmaker is the only one in its segment to produce three exclusive watches with a drass and gold case. It owes it all to its workshop which has already amassed more than 60 years of expertise.

    In 2010, Anonimo has introduced a crucial innovation: three watches with a case made of a special combination of two materials: drass – stainless steel treated with a unique process developed by Anonimo – and gold. They are the Firenze Dual Time, the Cronoscopio Mark II and the new Anonimo Notturnale model.

    "Technically, gold is the best material for underwater use. This precious metal is 100% stainless and hypoallergenic. It is also a very attractive material from the aesthetic point of view. This is a significant quality as we are an Italian brand; in other words, beauty is just as important as functionality. In certain markets, such as the Far East, gold is very much in demand", explains David Cypers, Sales and Marketing Director at Firenze Orologio, Anonimo’s distributor.

    He adds: "A gold watch case is extremely expensive. After intensive research, our research and development department has come up with a solution that marries functionality with aesthetics: a watch case in drass with gold features."

    Drass is the acronym of "Double Refinished Anonimo Steel Surface". Anonimo treats the stainless steel watchcase twice, giving it a dark colour that resembles titanium. It is a chemical process based on the earlier Ox-Pro treatment. The process was developed in cooperation with the Italian navy with the aim of improving resistance to corrosion and oxidation. It also has an anti-reflective function as required for military applications.
    Ox-Pro technology consists of fourteen steps that treat the surface layer of steel using carefully selected acids. The drass process goes a step further than Ox-Pro since the watchcase is then sandblasted to remove the top and less resistant layer.

    Anonimo was built upon a workshop that has been making watchcases since 1939 and has been supplying the Italian navy for many years. One feature that distinguishes Anonimo from other luxury brands is that it mills each watchcase from a solid block of stainless steel. The process consists of several stages, each of which requires highly complex and precise operations using special high-technology machinery.

    This core of craftsmanship enables Anonimo to produce superior watchcases in relation to other luxury brands which simply form their cases on a press. This exclusive production method enables Anonimo to develop watchcases of a very advanced technology and that are aesthetically balanced. Once it had mastered this technique, Anonimo searched for suitable movements.

    About Anonimo
    Firenze Orologi distributes the watch brand Anonimo. This is the Italian fine watchmaking company that was founded in 1997 in Florence (Italy) by Federico Massacesi, former executive at the fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo. Although the company is still relatively young, it can boast years of experience in manufacturing hand-made top-quality watches.
    Handcrafted watchcases are produced in an artisinal way in ateliers existing in Florence since 1939. By means of its luxurious mechanical timepieces, Anonimo continues the Florentine tradition of watch-making. Anonimo, which means ´anonymous´ in Italian, refers to Massacesi´s philosophy: the product (the watch) is the focus, not an overhyped brand name. Each year Anonimo makes a very limited number of mechanical watches, made by hand.

    Related link: www.anonimo.com

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    Re: Drass and gold, an innovative combination of materials ‘made in Firenze’

    Beauty! I own the Drass Mark II, one of my favorites...must be gorgeous with the gold highlights!

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