Will AD confirm authenticity?
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Thread: Will AD confirm authenticity?

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    Will AD confirm authenticity?

    If I purchase an Omega watch that was purportedly bought from an AD and I take that watch back to the AD, will they confirm its authenticity for me and that it was purchased from their store? I would have the Omega paperwork, the serial numbers on the warranty card and the watch agree (from observing the pictures).

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    Re: Will AD confirm authenticity?

    In generalities, there is no reason why they wouldn't. They won't verify the name of the buyer but they should be able to say "yeah, we sold serial number xyz on date"
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    Re: Will AD confirm authenticity?

    Any AD will verify it for you without any problem, unless you want to open the back case for further inspections then you have to pay for it. Most of AD don't have computerized system with serials because most of them are still using hard paper copy and they don't want to look back those paper honestly. However, they can tell you the watch is real or fake.

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