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    Transparent speaker | by people people

    Swedish design company People People created a very original speaker, the transparent design
    lets it blend in to any living room. The speaker is big enough to offer a good sound quality,
    yet takes little visible space. The speakers come with a small rechargeable wifi antenna, that
    can plug in to any device with a headphone socket. The speaker ships in a small, flat package
    that goes in through your mailbox. You can then assemble it IKEA style!...more»

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    Re: Transparent speaker | by people people

    All that loose wiring kills the design, it should have been redesigned/replaced with solid formed busbar in a conductive metal of choice. And that dangling orange power flex looks like it was filched from a hedge trimmer. Self assembled = a luxury product? Not really. If it was formed from laminated glass it would be knocking on the door maybe.
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