Hello Bremont Fans.

I've searched pretty extensively, and I've read threads going back a couple of years, and two things have not been made clear:

1. Who is making the Bremont straps and can we buy them with the nice curve directly from that maker?

2. Is anyone making a strap that has a curve that will work well with the Bremont curved spring bars and create the same look?

I wear a BC-S2, but the question holds for nearly all of the 43mm watches they make, I think.

I've looked at the Hirsch straps, and my concern is that they take up too much space between spring bars and case, hiding the beautiful Trip-Tick. Otherwise, I'm not really finding that curve just so in any 3rd party straps.

I've looked at:
Bas & Lokes (they're looking like a great option, but still no curve exactly)
Hirsch (see above, perhaps too much leather between spring bar and case)
Rob Montana (custom work, possible to have him make the curve, but not sure he can)
Bulang & Sons (no curve)
n80leather (custom stuff, maybe could do something similar, but his style suggests something less finished than I'd want)

So, has anyone cracked the code on the 3rd party straps that would have that lovely curved spring bar slot?