Boeing 1 running fast

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    Boeing 1 running fast

    Hi guys

    I made the jump just before Christmas and bought myself a Boeing 1/BK which I am just thrilled with. Doing some benchmarking using, it seems to be running 7-8 seconds per day fast.

    Is this 'acceptable'?

    I have a few autos and am well aware that this can be an issue, it is this amount of drift reasonable? Perhaps it will settle down as the movement runs itself in, but I would prefer to deal with a potential problem earlier rather than later.



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    Re: Boeing 1 running fast

    Technically, that's not acceptable accuracy since it's supposed to be a chronometer certified watch and therefore run within COSC specifications, which is -4/+6 seconds within a 24 hours period. As you said, you may want to give it some time to see if the movement settles in and starts running within COSC specs. If that doesn't happen, then you can easily send it into Bremont for a quick regulation. The good news is that the accuracy deviation is minimal, so it is possible that it'll just settle in on its own. I'm assuming that you purchased it brand new?

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    Re: Boeing 1 running fast

    Hi Vig

    Thank you for your reply. Yes I got it new from an AD here in Jersey, so will see what happens over the next couple of weeks before we take it any further. I'll pop by on the way to work tomorrow and mention it anyway .

    Thanks again,


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