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    Bremont Basel Announcements

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    Re: Bremont Basel Announcements

    I've written a brief overview of all the models which might be useful:

    Bremont Baselworld 2016 Overview

    Bremont just released all their new watches for 2016! They include totally new regatta timers, a new collection for ladies, dressier Solo models and a new Boeing limited edition! Read on to learn more.

    The America's Cup Regatta

    The new regatta timers are definitely the biggest news from Bremont this year. They include, as the name would suggest, a countdown timer used for yacht racing. This particular one, the OTUSA features carbon fiber from the winning Oracle Team USA yacht in the crown.

    Each of the OTUSAs feature a custom Bremont movement with a 15 minute regatta timer and 5 minute countdown at 12:00. Like the black model, this OTUSA-R/WH is made from titanium.

    This AC-R/RG brings something of a dressier touch to the regatta timers thanks to its rose gold case.

    The somewhat dressier appearance continues with the AC-R/SS, this time in polished steel.

    The Boeing

    Boeing is receiving one new model this year, this Boeing 100 limited edition. It's most notable for its new dial color, derived from the cockpits of older Boeing planes. This brown is often called "Boeing Brown". Each one has a piece of carbon fiber from the Boeing Dreamliner testbed in its crown. Only 300 will be produced.

    The Solo

    The Solo has been updated to provide dressier options for Bremont fans, but perhaps more importantly, three new models for ladies have been produced. Each of these is inspired by a famous woman of aviation. This SOLO-32-LC/WH, with elegant blue hands and Roman numerals, was inspired by Lettice Curtis, the first woman to qualify to fly a four-engine bomber.

    This model, the SOLO-32-AJ/WH, was inspired by Amy Johnson, who flew her DH-60 Gypsy Moth from England to Australia in 1930.

    The last of the models for women is the SOLO-32-AJ/BK, essentially the black dial version of the last watch. Like the other two, this comes in a polished 32mm case.

    The original Solo models got some pleasant, if minor, updates as well, with polished steel cases. This SOLO/PW, for instance, is one of the dressier watches Bremont offers thanks to its relatively clean dial.

    A black dial, namely this SOLO/PB, is also offered. This is a trend at Bremont that I really appreciate. Watches made in hardened steel are almost always designed to have extremely serious, aggressive designs. Bremont's offerings with polished cases don't compromise anything in terms of toughness but do offer some welcome variety to this genre.

    The Previous Releases

    These three watches have already been announced earlier this year, but since Bremont is presenting them at Baselworld 2016 they warrant another look. This ALT1-ZT/51 is a new model of Bremont's popular ALT1 chronographs but adds a vintage flare.

    The MBII-WH, AKA the Martin Baker II White is exactly what its name would suggest, a white version of one of Bremont's most successful watches.

    Finally, we look at one of my favorites, the ALT1-C/PB. This is one of the classiest watches Bremont has ever made with very discrete styling and a polished case.
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