Bremont at discount from 2nd tier store AD
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Thread: Bremont at discount from 2nd tier store AD

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    Bremont at discount from 2nd tier store AD

    Hi guys,

    I just found a bremont dealer that sells at 35% discount. The AD has dropped Bremont and moved the collection to their cheaper store. They offered the S301 on steel for 2300euro with full international warranty. The AD (who sells high end only) confirmed this..

    Is this the bargain of a lifetime or a trick/ common practice?

    Its in Manila, in a high end mall. The manila part makes it sketchy to me but the experience doesnt..

    Hope on some quick replies as I am here for a shortwhile (and its my first luxury piece)

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    Re: Bremont at discount from 2nd tier store AD

    Just a side note, I picked up a Grand Seiko during a shopping festival fri authorized dealer in Dubai in a buy one (list price) get the same amount in vouchers. So I picked up two for the price of one basically.

    On another occasion I picked up a brand new a Omega from the Omega boutique during a shopping festival (again) with a “halfback offer” basically you get half the value back in vouchers. Played right this amounts to 33% discount.

    Both cases were authorized dealers and/or boutiques.

    From what is reported on watch retailers, the profit margin at the retail shop is between 38%-50% depending on the brand.

    So, I would say, this sounds legit to me from a shop that wants to get rid of stock and doesn’t want to carry the brand anymore.
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    Re: Bremont at discount from 2nd tier store AD

    Sounds legit to me

    My watchmaker is an AD for Citizen and Seiko. He used to be a AD for Bulova and Sultana watches. He dropped Bulova due to them never being consistent on stock replenishment and dropped Sultana because nobody was ever there for contacting. He sold the Bulova and Sultana stock he had left for a deep discount.

    The other watch AD I hang out at was a Traser AD but ended his agreement with them and discounted all the stock to be rid of it.

    The watches are the property of the store. Once a store quits being an AD, a watch company cannot tell them what to do with them. If a former dealer wants to dump them onto the market for super cheap, then they can
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