Bremont Historical Limited Edition for 2016: On my way to the UK.

Thread: Bremont Historical Limited Edition for 2016: On my way to the UK.

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    Bremont Historical Limited Edition for 2016: On my way to the UK.

    Bremont Historical Limited Edition for 2016: On my way to the UK.

    A few months ago, we wrote a blog post looking at the Bremont ALT1-ZT/51, the GMT chronograph inspired by the Bremont historical limited edition P-51 from 2011. In that post, we looked forward to the Bremont Historical Limited Edition for 2016 and described that while we did not know the exact nature of the watch, we did anticipate several details about the watch based on our conversations with Bremont. Among them were that the watch would be celebrating a British achievement, would be similar though not mirror the P-51 and EP120, and would have a price somewhere in the neighborhood of $12,000 to $13,000.

    In the Interim, Bremont has shown this teaser on its website along with the following map. This is the map showing the root of the MacRobertson Air Race in 1934 which was a daring multi-part race from England to Australia.

    Bremont's teaser photo of a map that relates to the 2016 historical limited edition.

    A quick search shows that the winner of the race was one of the three purpose-built for the race De Havilland DH.88 aircraft which set a world record on its path to victory. Will this plane be the inspiration for the 2016 historical limited edition? As of now, Bremont isn't saying!

    I am excited to be heading to the UK to visit Bremont today! It's been a few years since I've been to Bremont HQ and there is a lot to see on this trip. The facilities have greatly expanded since the last time I was in Henley for the Codebreaker launch. Back then, Bremont had just modernized their facility. This time there is far more to see, including their new parts manufacturing facility, their greatly expanded HQ, and we'll also be taking a trip to Martin Baker. Any guesses as to which watch I'll be wearing on that leg of the journey?

    This is all a precursor to the main event which is the limited edition launch event at an as of now unannounced location (airfield?). It's hard to describe the enthusiasm for the execution of theme at these events. The Codebreaker launch was so meticulous in its dedication to theme that it felt like we stepped into the early 1940s. Three years later, I can clearly remember the brass band belting out the Colonel Bogey March in the lawn of Bletchley Park while inside the mansion had rooms filled with characters in full period correct dress doing things like typing letters on World War II era typewriters and moving model military pieces around the map board of the European theater.

    As to the watch itself, it promises to be a fun integration of modern watchmaking and a piece of British aviation history. When can you order yours? That's up to you. Several Topper clients have already pre-ordered the watch based only on the limited information described above. I can't think of any other brand where clients are willing to purchase a $10,000+ watch based solely on the execution of limited edition watches that have come before it. This event, and this watch, should be Bremont at its best.

    We will be taking deposits before and after the launch. Russ will be at the store during the launch event and will look forward to helping you secure one of these limited edition pieces. For assistance call 888-730-2221 from 9:00 to 6:00 PST, or email [email protected]. While I might be a little slower to respond because of the time difference, feel free to email me at [email protected]. The official launch is Wednesday evening the 29th.

    The Bremont P-51 from 2011 aluminum subdial crafted from the skin of a P-51 Mustang. Image courtesy of Bremont. Will this new 2016 historical watch capture the P51's spirit?

    The rotor of the Bremont P-51 is a replica of the propeller from a specific P-51K-10, nicknamed "Fragile but Agile" by its pilot. Image courtesy of Bremont. This watch sold out quickly after its introduction in 2011.
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    Re: Bremont Historical Limited Edition for 2016: On my way to the UK.

    Bremont claims that someone was trying to sabotage the release. When Bremont released news about the Bremont Wright Flyer watch and BWC/01 movement that was purportedly made and developed by them, someone immediately began to compare the movement to those made by Swiss La Joux-Perret. The issue was that the language used by Bremont was confusing enough that people believed Bremont was suggesting the movement was designed and produced entirely by them in England. The press release says "the BWC/01, designed and developed in Britain." They however claim that someone who acquired documents about the movement in advance played up information that was not true and attempted to stir a hornets' nest.

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