Bremont MBIII Tornado IDS
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Thread: Bremont MBIII Tornado IDS

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    Bremont MBIII Tornado IDS

    As you should all know, the Tornado IDS is THE greatest warfighting machine ever produced in the history of mankind* and it has been my pleasure to spend the vast majority of a long RAF career working with these beasts. I did spend a short time working with that whiney, pointless, one trick pony, the Harrier but that's a period best left forgotten - kudos to the RAF for binning it.

    Here's a gratuitous Tornado shot stolen from google to get you all salivating.

    Here's some sooper-dooper pictures of my new acquisition:

    The back. Watch is serial number 37 and has been engraved with the 3 Tornado Squadrons I have been on: 2, 13 and 41.

    Of course, not everything is rosy with this watch. The bracelet, which set me back an extra £300 (and this was heavily discounted too), is a bit of a disappointment. It just feels like an afterthought to cater for those who have to have one and the quality isn't great. It was a pain to fit and even then it doesn't sit very well. You can also see from the picture below how the lines on the centre links are different - poor show from what should be a £4K watch. I can't say I was overly impressed with the straps either - despite only having a 7.5" wrist, both were too small.

    Bremont's customer service has been exemplary, answering my daft emails immediately and keeping me informed every step of the way throughout the production process without the usual "buy more of our stuff!" nonsense that seems to be ubiquitous from other companies. I even got an invite to Bremont HQ for a nose around but unfortunately work got in the way. They also sent me a free t-shirt which was much appreciated.

    I'll admit that I was never a fan of Bremont's marketing bullsh*t before ordering and I had made a few jokes about them myself on various watch forums. However, apart from the bracelet, I have to say it's an utterly fantastic watch. The quality and finish have blown me away and it feels like a far superior piece to all the other high end stuff (Rolex, Tudors, Breitlings etc) that I've owned. I am converted!

    *Undeniable fact. If you have a different (wrong) opinion then take it elsewhere. There will be no arguing this point on this thread
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    Re: Bremont MBIII Tornado IDS

    wow that dial is really eye catchy!

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    That is awesome. Huge congrats!
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    Re: Bremont MBIII Tornado IDS

    Its not an F3 though is it!! Mud-movers suck!! And Harriers can hover too!! (Also EX-RAF.....XI(F), XXV, 4 Sqn's and just purchased a MBII. I wasn't a pilot though so if it wasn't for us engineers, you playboys wouldn't be going anywhere!!

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    Re: Bremont MBIII Tornado IDS

    Mind you, you didn't actually state you were a pilot so if you are an engineer....Top geezer!!

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