Bremont Waterman
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Thread: Bremont Waterman

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    Bremont Waterman

    I've been looking forward to this one and managed to have some hands-on time with this at a boutique today. Rough and ready phone pics below.

    Initial reaction was, sadly, underwhelming.

    One of the things I liked about the design on-screen was that it was fresh and crisp, with a striking relief between the white and blue. In reality, it felt a bit washed out.

    The dial is silvery, tending towards grey in certain light. The bezel was also quite muted, particularly on the white section. I couldn't quite tell but it seemed to me to be caused by the bezel being sapphire poured over a flat white insert, giving a milimetre or two of coverage and dulling the colour to a dirty white/grey. It did not help that the bezel and dial had a plastic protective film.

    A few other things struck me:

    - this thing is thick. Really thick. I'm struggling to find an accurate measurement online, but it was immediately obvious to me. (For reference, I have a PO chrono and a CW trident chrono, neither of which is small, and yet I still noticed the height of this one.)
    - part of that is because it wears smaller (to my eye) than its 43mm. Part of that is the bezel, of course, but I also felt the dial was a bit cramped, leading to an overall impression of a pretty "squat" piece.
    - the font on the rehaut clashes much more than I thought it would.
    - there also appears to be a milimetre or so of space above the rehaut before the crystal, adding to the height of the watch. Could be an optical illusion and I was actually seeing the wall of the crystal, I suppose.
    Exhibition back and rotor decoration are pretty cool.
    - they did not have the Kevlar strap in the set, which was surprising - I thought they all came with it. This had navy rubber and a lighter blue leather with white contrast stitching.
    - the set came in a gorgeous blue leather watch wallet, complete with strap tool and various pockets.

    Some comparison pics with what I was wearing at the time - a B&M Capeland Flyback (beautiful piece!).

    Overall....hmm. Didn't grab me like I thought it would and need to mull it over some more.

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    Re: Bremont Waterman

    It’s nothing new just a new color, they have been making this watch for years, both the waterman and the endurance are lazy cash grabs from the brand. I’m getting quite annoyed with them especially this year, it has been all duds imo.

    The thickness has always been off putting on the supermarine/terranova but it still wears fairly comfortably due to the lug design. I’m bored with this series now, need something new like the Boeing model 1 and Mach 1
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    Re: Bremont Waterman

    Very underwhelming. Bremont has really been devolving of late. They were at their height a few years back, but not so much anymore, which makes me think they're a fad, I'm afraid.
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    Bremont Waterman

    I tried on an Endurance in Chester a few weeks back. The watch itself is excellent and I enjoyed almost all of it. However, the thickness was again an issue — made worse by it sitting on a NATO.

    I was really hoping to move into the Endurance from my ALT1, but it wore much bigger. That said, I bought the Tudor GMT last week and it’s up for sale because it’s much less comfortable than the (much bigger) ALT1. Who’d a thunk it!

    What I want from Bremont is a S501-origin gmt at 13mm thick with a low fitting 0-24 bezel. I bet that piece would sell nuts l, given the popularity of the Tudor BBGMT!

    And the BBGMT for height comparison:

    And the Alt1:

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