Coming soon! The new Bremont Historical LE!

Thread: Coming soon! The new Bremont Historical LE!

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    Coming soon! The new Bremont Historical LE!

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    The Bremont Historical Limited Edition will be announced October 4th, 2017

    One of our favorite weeks of the year is when Bremont announces its historical limited edition. These timepieces incorporate various nods to historical achievements and moments that are deeply meaningful to Bremontís founders Nick and Giles English Ė from watches celebrating the Wright Brothersí invention of the airplane to Alan Turingís decryption of .... communications. These watches also give the Bremont team an opportunity to raise money for causes tied thematically to the new watch. Proceeds from previous historical limited editions have helped restore fighter planes, battleships, and even an army intelligence base.

    Since the Codebreaker launch in 2013, Russ or I have attended each of Bremontís four historical launches. This year itís Russís turn. Each year, the Bremont team puts on a truly spectacular launch event. The Codebreakerís unveiling was so meticulous in its dedication to theme that the Bremont team truly made me feel like I was stepping into the 1940s for a few hours. Last year at the DH-88 launch, guests stood among one of the greatest collections of vintage aircrafts in the world as we watched a simulated aerial dogfight between a British Spitfire and a German Messerschmitt.

    So whatís in store for this yearís launch? Bremont is keeping most of the details under wraps. We know that this yearís limited edition celebrates something that is incredibly meaningful to the English Brothers, and dates back to the first World War. We understand that like last yearís DH-88, this yearís historical limited edition will be a similar price point in steel to the P-51 and EP-120. Our good friend, and Bremontís North American Brand Director, Mike Pearson has of course seen the completed watch, and has assured us that itís spectacular.

    Like last yearís DH-88 Launch, we will be taking deposits both before, as well as after, the launch. For assistance securing one of these limited edition pieces, call Topper at 888-730-2221 Mon-Sat from 9:00 to 6:00 PST. In addition, you may email our operations manager Andrea Gee at [email protected]. While I will not be at the store this week, and may take a little longer to respond, you can also email me at [email protected]

    To learn more about this watch as information becomes available on the 4th, please continue to check the Topper blog, my Twitter feed (@robattopper), and
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    Re: Coming soon! The new Bremont Historical LE!

    I like it. My only reservation is the day/night indicator which seems a bit too gimmicky. Other than that I think it's a very nice piece and I think the aviation and British historical connections work well for the brand. I quite like the rose gold version, even though I don't usually like rose gold watches. Would probably go for the blue dial if I was buying.

    Now, just waiting for the Bremont haters to arrive!
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