FONT differences on the MBII case backs?

Thread: FONT differences on the MBII case backs?

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    FONT differences on the MBII case backs?

    FONT differences on the MBII case backs?

    Have been looking at an MBII Orange barrel. I’ve been viewing a lot of pics online and have noticed differences in the font on the case backs?The area I am referring to is where it is engraved “MBII / Serial number” right in the center.
    Some have font with little tails on the letters and others are very plain and basic looking.
    Any thoughts on why or when the change and the significance? Any reason to believe one version would not be authentic?

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    Re: FONT differences on the MBII case backs?

    A later production MBII will have sharper, stencil like 'Bremont' text on the dial and a straight logo on the case back.

    Early production on the left, later production on the right.

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    Re: FONT differences on the MBII case backs?

    The original Bremont logo had the sarifs. They also used a more 'mirrored' propeller logo, where the center looked like two Y's on its side coming together. The logo was usually seen with "Watch Company" written below the propeller.

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    Current logo, around 2012-ish, has the san-sarif font. The propeller logo is not as mirrored, the center is more spiral feel to it. Right images above. Around the same time of the logo change, you began to see "London" (as they moved manufacturing to England) on the dial versus "Swiss Made". The logo is usually seen with "Chronometers" written below the propeller.

    Some watches, like the ALT1-C, had slight changes to the chronograph minute subdial (I stole these images from internet)

    Name:  oldaltc.jpg
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    Old logo; markers at every 2.5 minutes; "Swiss Made".

    Name:  newaltc.jpg
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    New logo; makers at every minute; "London".

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    Re: FONT differences on the MBII case backs?

    On case backs here is my Topper MBII:

    Here is the Caseback for that watch:

    Here is the standard MBII I had a few years ago:

    And the dial for this watch:

    So it appears that older models had the one like on the Grey wood base and newer ones have the logo like the one on the brown wood.

    For those really paying attention you will note that my earlier MBII was sent by accident with a MBI back. This was corrected by Bremont.
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