Introducing the Bremont Supersonic Limited Edition: Reserve Yours Now!

Thread: Introducing the Bremont Supersonic Limited Edition: Reserve Yours Now!

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    Introducing the Bremont Supersonic Limited Edition: Reserve Yours Now!

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    When it comes to traditions of the annual limited edition, Bremont never fails to surprise and impress – and we think Bremont fans are going to be pleased that this year’s release is certainly no exception. We are excited to finally lift the lid on the new Bremont Supersonic Limited Edition: a very special watch that not only pays tribute to the fiftieth anniversary of a certain legendary supersonic passenger jet, it is the first Bremont to house a manually-wound movement, bearing finishing, architecture, and chronometric performance unique to this edition.

    It’s hard to tell which is more significant: Bremont’s first watch to utilize manual-wound movement (with an impressive 8-day power reserve, and a PR indicator at 12:00), or the brand’s new partnership with British Airways, whose iconic Concorde jet was the very first of its kind, connecting New York and London with a three-hour flight, thanks to a booming cruising speed of 1,350mph at the edge of space.

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    A look at the Concorde-shaped bridges of the Bremont Supersonic Limited Edition

    True to Bremont LE form: throughout the dial and caseback, neat details from the source material of the legendary jet are abound: from the sunburst white dial designed to evoke the Concorde’s specially-developed paint, to the ‘British Airways blue’ handset, or the subtle motif of the plane’s iconic silhouette repeating on the second-hand subdial. Even the new hand-wound movement’s architecture plays a unique role: with the Geneva-striped movement plate exhibiting a Concorde-shaped cutout with polished, chamfered edges. As a whole, the clean execution and thinner movement profile have yielded what appears to be the sleekest, most wearable Bremont LE yet, and we cannot wait to get one in the store for some hands-on impressions.

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    The Power Reserve Meter and Upper Dial of the Bremont Supersonic

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    The Concorde pattern stamped dial in the six o’clock seconds’ subdial

    Also in keeping with the traditions of the Bremont LE, the Supersonic does more than just pay stylistic homage to the Concorde – each watch also contains a unique piece of metal from a decommissioned Concorde, incorporated into the edge of the sapphire glass caseback. Here, you can see the “G-BOAB” designation: the third Concorde in British Airway’s fleet, which made its maiden flight in 1976, flying from Filton near Bristol and landing at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire. Like other famous Bremont LEs, such as the Wright Flyer (which had a piece of cloth from the original plane in the rotor) and the DH88 (which had wood from the landing gear of the Havilland Comet), the Supersonic features a unique piece of metal from a decommissioned Concorde, which is incorporated into the edge of the sapphire glass caseback.

    As we saw with the 1918 LE from 2017, three case variants of the Supersonic LE will be made available, each with their own limited run: stainless steel in 300 pieces (with a price of $12,495), 100 pieces in red gold (with a price of $22,495), and 100 pieces in white gold (with a price of $23,995). As always, if you are interested in pre-ordering a timepiece, we urge you to do so quickly, as historically, Bremont’s Limited Editions tend to sell out in short order. Email [email protected], call the store at 888-730-2221 to speak directly with a member of our sales team, or you can also reserve yours now with our online reservation system:

    •.Click here to pre-order in Stainless Steel
    •.Click here to pre-order in Red Gold
    •.Click here to pre-order in White Gold
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    Re: Introducing the Bremont Supersonic Limited Edition: Reserve Yours Now!

    Nice write up

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