MB III GMT and MB series: everyday, tool, or dress watches?

Thread: MB III GMT and MB series: everyday, tool, or dress watches?

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    MB III GMT and MB series: everyday, tool, or dress watches?

    i am narrowing my watch collection and wondering where exactly my Bremont MB fits. while i understand the categories i mentioned (everyday, tool, or dress) are probably not mutually exclusive, i wonder where, in your opinion, they might fit? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: MB III GMT and MB series: everyday, tool, or dress watches?

    I think that the watch fully fits the first two use cases of everyday use and a tool-watch. As a dress watch... that's a little more tricky.

    It is over-built to withstand extremely rough environments - shock resistance, hardened case, robust movement. The face is easy to read and isn't complicated, and the functions are well integrated. As long as your work doesn't bring you inside of large bodies of water, I'd say that it would perform beautifully both as a tool-watch and for everyday use.

    For me, a dress watch would be more slim to fit under the cuff of a shirt (and possibly more polished than brushed metal). The height of the MBII may not easily fit under the cuff of a shirt, and the different colored barrel is going to catch some eyes. I, however, would wear mine with a suit, but that's my personality... and I collect rugged tool-like watches that excel at one or two purposes.

    Overall I'd say that it is a wonderful watch and anywhere you wear it is the right place to do so.

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    Re: MB III GMT and MB series: everyday, tool, or dress watches?

    thanks for your reply. makes sense to me.

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    Re: MB III GMT and MB series: everyday, tool, or dress watches?

    For whatever my opinion is worth...dress watches generally are slimmer and intended to fit under a shirt cuff, and tend to be "dressier," as in nicer material, higher polish, more stylized vs utilitarian, leather strap or bracelet vs. rubber/NATO, etc. Under this criteria, I'm not sure that the MB collection would qualify as a dress watch.

    Similarly, my understanding is that, in order to qualify as a tool watch, the watch must be able to perform some kind of function beyond merely telling time, whether that's a chronograph complication (w or w/o tachymeter), a slide-rule, a dive watch, anti-magnetic watch, etc. Would a GMT function count? In the strictest sense, I believe so....I know that Rolex considers the Explorer I & II to be tool watches...but I suppose that's up to the eye of the beholder. Would the additional anti-shock construction of the MB collection qualify? Well, if anti-gauss counts, why wouldn't anti-shock? So for my money, they are tool watches.

    And of course, any watch not made of precious (read: soft) metals can stand the pounding of daily use, so absolutely the MB collection are day-to-day watches.

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    Re: MB III GMT and MB series: everyday, tool, or dress watches?

    Just another opinion, but really fine, well made, tool watches, like Bremont, can be worn as dress watches if you are comfortable with how the watch fits under your dress sleeve and jacket sleeve. I have no problem wearing my S500 with a sport coat, or even suit, although I would stop short of a tux. The MB series is at least as versatile as the S500, in my opinion, and I might even wear an MB with a tux.

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