Secondary value of a Bremont U-2/T

Thread: Secondary value of a Bremont U-2/T

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    Secondary value of a Bremont U-2/T

    Thought I'd pose this question where I'd imagine there are some big Bremont fans. What kind of value/price would you put on a new condition/unworn Bremont U-2/T??? And go...

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    I just bought one for the original list price. Overall the resale seems lower (i’ve seen old listings for 3-4,000) but if you wait, you can find someone who is in love with that watch and will pay more. All depends on if you can wait to find the right buyer.

    What number is yours? Mine’s 54.

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    I just saw one (perhaps yours?) on chrono 24 for $5000 from timeless luxury. Looks like they’re willing to negotiate based on the post.

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