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    Tip Toed into Bremont Mode

    Seems a bit slow in this forum so thought I would swing in as a new member to the Bremont club.

    I have been looking at watches for the past month or so after seeing a Bremont for sale. I knew nothing about the brand but thought they made an attractive watch. I started researching what I could about Bremont and found quite a few fans and also found what appeared to be an abnormal amount of hate. Not to be deterred, I kept researching the brand. Ok, Bremont is in it's infancy as far as horological standards go and are pretty expensive... big deal- all companies start at square one. Just because Omega has been around for ages doesn't make a Planet Ocean worth $6K to me. The point is that I'm glad I didn't lose interest in Bremont due to the negativity I had been reading on the internet.

    This whole deal came about due to me deciding that my Breitling Steelfish is a little heavier than I enjoy wearing these days. I started thinking that I might should trade it for something that I would wear more frequently. I really like my Steelfish but on that stainless bracelet, the watch is a tank. I had talked to somebody about possibly trading my Steelfish towards a Bremont that they had for sale. The seller made a good trade offer but said he already had somebody who had committed to the Bremont purchase but hadn't paid yet. I decided to let it ride for 24 hours and the other buyer completed the purchase. I decided that before I go trading off a watch that I really like but don't wear frequently, I should see if there is a Bremont AD locally so I can be sure that I actually like the watches and that they fit me comfortably. As it turns out, there was an AD about 15 miles away so the wife and I decided to see the watches in person. So yeah, that pretty much sealed the deal for buying a Bremont. Now that I've seen them in the flesh, I really like them and all models were quite lovely IMO. Since I work only 3 days a week, we went on a Thursday around 1:30 and there was nobody but my wife and I in that store. I made it very clear to the salesperson that I was only there to look at watches that I've never seen in person before, not to purchase, so he need not waste time with me, especially if another customer walked in. I think the salesman appreciated the fact that it gave him something to do and at one point, we had pretty much one of every model out of the case. I liked them all.... ugh. I thanked the salesman, grabbed a 2018 Bremont product catalog, and handed him a $20 tip for his time.

    Being semi-retired, I knew at this point that a pre-owned Bremont was in my future but not a new one without an outstanding trade value on my Breitling, so back to the search. If I get rid of the Steelfish, maybe I should get another diver? Maybe not, since I am already diver heavy. That ALT1-C sure is lovely, maybe I should get that? Nope, I already have a couple dress watches. I really like that MII with the white dial but already have a dual crown watch and multiple white dials. Not only that, the dial looks almost sterile since I've been in the Breitling world too long. This search is not getting any easier. So what does that leave me with? I guess it looks like the ALT1-P or ALT1-Z is the obvious choice since the limited are out of my price range. I found an ALT1-P online and was getting a quote for what my Steelfish would be worth if traded towards the ALT1-P they had. Not exactly as much trade value as I had hoped but still doable. So I contacted the seller about making the purchase and waited for them to get back with me for 2 days. He finally gets back with me at 10am and says they sold the ALT1-P that I was wanting but could sell me a new one for $5450. I don't think so... especially with the trade value they offered. Immediately after this conversation, I had pretty much decided to go back to the local AD after lunchtime and was thinking about buying new and just selling my Breitling outright.
    I was talking with the wife to make sure that she would be OK with me spending the money and then selling my Breitling to offset the cost as opposed to trading it. I am blessed with an awesome wife who I've been with for 27 years now- she says to me, "why don't you just keep the Breitling and buy another watch"? Uhmm, OK. I jumped back on to the WUS classifieds and boom, there it was, an ALT1-P had been posted for sale an hour earlier at a price that was marginally more than what I would have paid while also trading my Breitling away. Life can be strange sometimes.

    So after working your way through this wall of text, here she is.... my first Bremont that just showed up today.

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    Welcome to the Bremont club friend.

    Excited that your story ended with the purchase of an ALT1-P. This too was the same watch that hooked me a few years back. I now own two of these babies!!!

    Enjoy and best wishes!!
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    Re: Tip Toed into Bremont Mode

    Beautiful watch that. Great choice
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