BS300 Loose Bezel Advise please

Thread: BS300 Loose Bezel Advise please

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    BS300 Loose Bezel Advise please

    My watch has a loose bezel on my BS300. Not to bad but it moves slightly back and forth in every click.

    I contacted Aquadive and they pointed out it might be the Ratced Spring. I can purchase it on their website no problem.

    The question is? Can an average watch shop remove the Bezel and replace the Spring?


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    Re: BS300 Loose Bezel Advise please

    Any decent place should be able to do it. Quite straight forward. The bezel simply pries off, ratchet spring sits underneath. Pop bezel back on, done. Fyi the teeth on the spring may need to be pried up. Mine came flat. Let the shop do that.

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    Re: BS300 Loose Bezel Advise please

    Hi, this is a few minutes job and any (real) watchmaker not a battery replacement shop should be able to replace the spring easily.

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