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    Please help

    Looking for the wife and having a hard time deciding on a watch, my budget is $2500 or less, this watch will be with her until the angels call then will be handed down to daughter/son. I a open honest opinion what do you guys thing. I am looking at the Tudor Black Bay, Hamilton Jazzmaster, or a used Rolex from the late 80's mid 90's. I know people say the Tudor is a i cant afford a Rolex watch. But it is backed and covered by the same QA standards as the Rolex. The hamiltons are nice watches I have the Field Kahki and love it, and the Rolex well it's a Rolex just old.

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    Re: Please help

    Which Tudor Black Bay of Hamilton Jazzmaster models are you referring to? And what it the preferred size of the watch? There are quite many different watches in Black Bay or Jazzmaster lineups. Generally speaking Tudor has higher brand value (and price) than Hamilton but the styles are very different Black Bay being a sports watch and Jazzmaster is more dressy although there are many different models so it's difficult to judge without knowing which one you mean. Both makers use ETA movements in their watches (assuming you mean the lower end Black Bays which will fit your price level; more expensive models have inhouse movements) which should reduce the future servicing costs. On the other hand it's probably much more expensive to service a Rolex so if you buy a used one you should check that it's recently serviced or at least add the service cost to the price. But much depends on which style of watch you or your wife prefers. One possible brand with inhouse movements you could consider is Nomos but their watches are on the dressier side.

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