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    Alpina replacement bracelet

    I have my first Alpina on the way! Got it on the forum here, and it's coming in on a strap. The strap is nice, but I prefer the look of the bracelet and have inquired on pricing on a bracelet from Alpina, and they are, umm, pricey. Have read quite a bit on the Strapcode oyster, and may end up going with that. Just thought I'd get some opinions on their bracelet, and if there are any other good ones out there.

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    Re: Alpina replacement bracelet

    Did you ever end up buying the strap code bracelet?

    I have heard good things about watchgecko bracelets and they also sell matching curved ends for them too. Not sure if they'd match the curve on the Alpina.

    I would like a bracelet for my startimer pilot, but I don't like the look of straight end links. So, I am interested to see what you ended up doing.

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