Alpina Vs. Frederique Constant Worldtimers

Thread: Alpina Vs. Frederique Constant Worldtimers

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    Alpina Vs. Frederique Constant Worldtimers

    Hi, folks,

    I'm looking at worldtimers and I especially like the offerings from FC/Alpina.

    I love the FC, but it's a little dressy for how/where I'll be using it.

    I love the Alpina's style versatility and 100m WR, but at 44mm (as opposed to 42 for the FC,) it might be a little too big for my small wrists (6.5")

    Does anyone have experience with both? Any recommendations of one over the other? Anything to look out for?

    If it helps: my intended use is for wearing in a business casual environment. I'll be working with multiple teams across the globe, including California, New York, London, and Hong Kong.

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    Alpina Vs. Frederique Constant Worldtimers

    I have tried on the Alpina and own the FC. The FC is definitely dressier, but I wear it on a blue croc strap which works absolutely perfectly in business casual attire. I really like the Alpina, but it’s 44mm and wears at least that large, and I didn’t like it on my 7” wrist.

    Hope that helps!

    The obligatory wrist shot!

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