Alpiner 4 Bezel: Not Secured Properly?

Thread: Alpiner 4 Bezel: Not Secured Properly?

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    Alpiner 4 Bezel: Not Secured Properly?

    I ordered a Alpiner 4 GMT only to return it because it didn't feel like it was securely fastened to the watch body. I just received another and have the same issue. Right and left clicks are secure but bezel itself can be pressed very slightly down---like there's some springy give. It's too slight to catch in pictures or video but it's definitely there.

    Has any one else had this experience?

    Is this a function of a bidirectional bezel? (this is my first)

    By the way, stunning watch in person and really want to keep it but not at the expense of keeping a defect.


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    Re: Alpiner 4 Bezel: Not Secured Properly?

    I have the same watch, and I never noticed until you pointed it out, but there is an almost minute amount of play when I press down on my bezel. I say this is normal.

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    Re: Alpiner 4 Bezel: Not Secured Properly?

    A buddy at work wears one. I had worn his watch to see how a 44mm fit my wrist; while playing with the bezel, I noticed a bit of slack before the bezel snapped to the next position, but not enough to say its a defect.
    I believe this is just the property of variation in manufacturing tolerance, and I doubt you would be concerned about it.
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    Re: Alpiner 4 Bezel: Not Secured Properly?

    I have an Alpiner 4 GMT, purchased new about a month ago. Mine is similar...very minute amount of play in the bezel vertically and a tiny bit of slack when rotating it. We're talking very very small here, and I would say that's completely normal. In my experience, non-flexible moving parts (metals which are relatively stiff...plastics/rubber/wood are flexible), especially those on something as small as a wrist watch, are designed with a very small amount of play. If this wasn't the case you'd run a large risk of bending/snapping/breaking something when the piece is accidentally bumped or knocked into something. The force is dissipated by that slight movement instead of being transferred directly to the moving parts that mate together.

    None of the above is meant to say that there should be any slop or significant movement. Just a tiny bit of play to guard against breakage in the case of impact.

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