Broken minute hand FC-303MC3P6

Thread: Broken minute hand FC-303MC3P6

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    Broken minute hand FC-303MC3P6

    I bought a used FC-303MC3P6 and after using it for a while the minute hand inside the watch broke when the watch was exposed to some slight vibration. I've sent it to the official service centre but they say they would need to do a full service when replacing the hand and it would cost £625 total which is more than I paid for the watch. The UK service centre says that they don't sell only the parts and the Swiss centre didn't respond to my mail.

    Is there any other way to obtain a set of hands for this watch or should I go for non-original replacement hands?


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    Re: Broken minute hand FC-303MC3P6

    How exactly the hand is broken? Did it just came off from the pinon?

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    Re: Broken minute hand FC-303MC3P6

    No, it broke close to the pinon and then fell off.

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    Re: Broken minute hand FC-303MC3P6

    Might try contacting some other AD's to see if their pricing is as extreme as what you were quoted...yikes!

    Otherwise might have to look into some aftermarket replacement hands, which I am sure would be much less expensive.
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