Hi All,

I have recently went ahead and purchased a brand new FC - 945mc4h6 and noticed a what seems to me like a misalignment between the 24Hour dial and the actual time on the watch, especially around the 1200 - 1800 mark, others were somewhat off or accurate.

Example: The time on the watch would display exactly 3:00pm, minutes hand exactly on 12 and hours hand on 3. However, the 24Hour dial would show the indicator to be slightly past 1500.

I have taken it into the authorized retailer (place where i had initially bought it from) to speak with a watch repair specialist. He acknowledge the fact that there is a small discrepancy on the 24hour dial and said that it was probably a misalignment when printing on the small dials during the manufacturing stage. The watch repair personnel indicated that there would of been no need to take it back to FC for repair as it is unlikely to be aligned properly, or it could come back even worse.

Any advise would be much appreciated.