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    Frederique Constant Runabout


    I just wanted to stop by and sing the praises of what is probably a very ordinary and simple watch, possibly even bring, to you Frederique Constant devotees.

    About a month ago I had a Revue Thommen diver that I was looking to trade. I was contacted by a fellow forum member offering his Frederique Constant Runabout in a trade, with some cash thrown in on my end. He sent me some photos. The watch looked great but it had a long time since I had had a casual dress watch; so, I had some thinking to do. I did some research and found out that the brand is pretty new, is named for the grandfathers of the husband and wife owners and is an independent Swiss brand, who also happens to make their own movements and have even innovated automatics movements. What's not to like? I ask a few questions of the fellow offer the watch and he promptly answers them. One of the most important, for me, was the diameter of the watch. I am not going to strap a 38/39/40 mm watch on my 6'3" 250 pound body. Phew, it's 43mm. Okay, I say, I'll give it a go. The worse that can happen is I have to list it in the trade or sales forum. No biggie.

    The watch arrived about a month ago and I have to say that I am impressed by this watch. I love the applied number indices, the simple, yet elegant, appearance, finish and solid feel of the watch. It has an understated class and can be worn in a variety of situations. It is a nice watch. I am almost embarrassed that I knew nothing about Frederique Constant before this and am glad I've had the opportunity to learn about the great company and the fine watches they make. A few photos will follow.

    Thank you for reading.


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    Ginault 180260GSLN (Serial #TE111) and Hamilton Khaki Field mechanical

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    Re: Frederique Constant Runabout

    That's a good looking all around wear. Enjoy your FC!
    "The stuff that dreams are made of…" - RGM ‘801 EE Motor Barrel’

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    Re: Frederique Constant Runabout

    Great watch and great choice. Enjoy it.
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