Looking for a Fc within $150

Thread: Looking for a Fc within $150

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    Looking for a Fc within $150

    I want to stay in my budget and buy a fc. Anyone selling or suggesting? Let me know.

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    Re: Looking for a Fc within $150

    There is a quartz FC on the sales forum, a Slimline dress watch, that is listed at $200. You won’t find an automatic at that price but you will probably have better luck with quartz.

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    Re: Looking for a Fc within $150

    Some grey market dealers have been holding promotions on brand new FCs for just around 150-200 depending on the model. They're not hard to find if you do some searching. If you dont mind the lack of warranty (which you probably already wont be getting with used FC off forums), you should consider those..plus theyre brand new.

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