Market price of FC Worldtimer?
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Thread: Market price of FC Worldtimer?

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    Market price of FC Worldtimer?

    I think the blue dial Worldtimer is an incredibly beautiful watch, and am be interested in purchasing one. However, I am having trouble figuring out what price to expect to be able to find one for.

    FC watches in general seem to generally be offered at two general kinds of price: what they go for in typical retail, and then at dramatically lower prices that it can be possible to find them for if you know where to look. I once purchased an Alpina chrono for almost 1/3rd its list price.

    The Worldtimer lists for $3450. But one seems to have recently sold here on the forum in mint condition for only $875. Anyone have an opinion on what the true market price for this watch is? They don't seem to come up for sale very often. If I could get a blue dial Worldtimer for $875 then I'm prepared to wait even several months in order for one to come up. Or if I could find a new one online somewhere for not terribly much more then I could go for that as well. Id hate to invest a lot of time and patience toward one based on unrealistic price expectations, however.

    Anyone have opinions on what the true market price on this watch is? I'd really appreciate your thoughts.

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    Re: Market price of FC Worldtimer?

    Look on as one resource.
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    Re: Market price of FC Worldtimer?

    Nokie's advice is sound.

    The $875 also could have been from a motivated seller who wasn't getting a lot of interest and took a big $ loss, so not necessarily typical of what a buyer could expect.

    In my limited FC experience, I found market price a tough thing to nail down because I couldn't find a lot of comparable sales. I searched the sales forum here, other watch forums, popular grey dealers, and just Google shopping links, etc.

    In the end I just decided if I liked the watch for the price I could buy it for, especially compared to what other brands would charge for a watch with similar features (Montblanc, Nomos, etc.). Neither time did I pay the full MSRP price though, and generally found the watches to be good "value" buys.

    Good luck!

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