Please help me :( its urgent

Thread: Please help me :( its urgent

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    Please help me :( its urgent

    Im from israel..i was looking for watches to buy for my dad.. iwas looking at 300-400$ range..then i saw 2 watches from fredrique constant brand..the seller said these are 500$ .. its over my budget but i said..well its for my fathers birthday so sure ill go over the budget..then i started looking for information on the watches but they wernet on the fc catalouge nor any tube videos..nothing..fc arnt replying to my support ticket and idk who to ask :( the models are: FC-200RS5S36 , FC-200RS5S35
    i want to find pictures..and the real price..all i find is these russians sites..and no information the birthday is in 4 days please helppp meee :(

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    Re: Please help me :( its urgent

    Frederique Constant Horloge Slimline Quartz FC-200RS5S36 • de Bijenkorf

    Just an example.

    The best option is to go your local Authorized Distributor of FC and ask him for a good discount.

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    Re: Please help me :( its urgent

    Are you buying of the net? If so post a link and I'll take a look.

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