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    Question Rose Gold Alpina Question - searching for answers

    Folks, I am looking at a Rose Gold plated Alpina. Since rose (red, pink) gold is popular and since I cannot afford a solid gold watch, what is the story of plating? I have had great success with PVD black etc., but one review on a watch said it is poor choice as it will/can/may wear off. Which is fine I guess eventually if the stainless is polished and can be cleaned up.
    However I had a 67 Breiting Navigator that was gold plated and still perfect. What is the truth on this plating that is popping up on watches everywhere these day?

    Am I safe? I am not looking at a tool watch but more of a dress watch but do not want to have to worry.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Rose Gold Alpina Question - searching for answers

    There’s no need to post this in multiple forums. Hopefully mods will delete or merge this.

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    Re: Rose Gold Alpina Question - searching for answers

    You're safe. This isn't chinese gold plating or asian gold plating. This is swiss/european gold plating. Alpina has been in the business for over 100 years and they have many years under their belt of gold plating. Any issues would've been resolved in the 20th century. You're all fine with gold plating from Alpina.

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