Thinking of an Alpina? Long delay in repairs if needed?

Thread: Thinking of an Alpina? Long delay in repairs if needed?

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    Question Thinking of an Alpina? Long delay in repairs if needed?

    Hi. I have been thinking of purchasing a second Alpina. My first one was a disaster. It stopped working a week after the return policy. I sent it to repair in the USA. After 5 months they still could not get the parts in from Alpina - it took forever. In reading a review of the watch I am considering, one of the people posting mentioned to be aware of how hard it is to get repaired when living in the USA. IS THIS STILL AN ISSUE I should be aware of? I like the watch but cant afford to have anything go wrong with it and not get parts for nearly a half a year. You advice would be appreciated.

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    Re: Thinking of an Alpina? Long delay in repairs if needed?

    For a Citizen owned company that is unacceptable when there are so many great watches available.

    Have you thought of buying from Gnomon? Usually they add 6 months to the warranty and do very good warranty work, though a PITA to send it back to Singapore. However DHL or International Priority Mail will get in there for a reasonable tariff.

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    As an AD, we do everything in our power to get you the best after sales service that you'd expect after buying our watches.

    We're really sorry that you experienced such horrible service with your first Alpina.

    Check out our inventory, and if you see something that you like, I'm prepared to offer you preferential pricing.
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