What can people tell me about the FC-306V4S4?

Thread: What can people tell me about the FC-306V4S4?

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    What can people tell me about the FC-306V4S4?


    I had a few hours in the Brussels airport so checked out their watch shop. There was a slimline automatic, model FC-306V4S4, that really caught my eye: slim (8mm), smallish (40mm), simple and elegant. They were charging $2,000USD, but Jomashop had it for $699 but it's now out of stock. Amazon has it for $1,000 (https://www.amazon.com/FREDERIQUE-CO.../dp/B01M8IH0EB) and there are some other shops in the $2,000 range. Poking around online I can't find it on the FC webpage. Is this particular model being discontinued? Does that really matter?

    I thought the watch looked very nice on the wrist, and I could imagine it as a dressier watch that I could still wear to the office. My other watch is a steel-on-steel Omega Prestige, so something in a softer gold/brown would seem to be a nice complement. I've read that FC have some high quality watches on their lower end, which this would seem to be (in the automatic). Does anyone know anything else about this particular model?


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