WUS ST5 Accuracy
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Thread: WUS ST5 Accuracy

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    WUS ST5 Accuracy

    Hi, i'm a proud owner of the ST5 forum watch, it is beautiful but i've not worn it in the past years, just kept it in its box and wound it sometimes to comtemplate it.

    I started to wear it some days from the beginning of this year and also started to monitor the time accuracy. In a period (35% worn, 65% unworn) of five days and a half (131 h) it has gained 19,5 s, that means +3,5 s/d. Now i started another monitoring period and for now it is between 6 and 7 seconds per day.

    I think these are a stunning results for a vintage movement with that history and age, it is better than my brand new Glycine (ETA 2824) which is 14 s/d, so all my appreciations goes to the people who worked on the movements, calibrate them, and made this project reality....

    How is your ST5 going?
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    Re: WUS ST5 Accuracy

    I haven't measured mine, but it's good enough that I can wear it for several days without noticing any error so it's probably within 10 seconds a day.
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