Independantly setting Hour/GMT hand
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Thread: Independantly setting Hour/GMT hand

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    Independantly setting Hour/GMT hand

    Hi team, I am still looking for a GMT/Twin time watch. I have an Omega AT 8500 at the moment and the ability to set just the hour hand when I change time zones is great. Most of the threads out there say there are only 2 GMT watches that have a similar feature those being the Rolex (explorer and GMT Master) or the Omega GMTs (SM Pro, new AT GMT etc). I have read however that some of the Ulysee Nardin watches or the Zenith Captain twin time watches have independantly adjustable hour hands.

    I want to be able to keep one time set on home and adjust the other time to suit the time zone I am in. Ideally this process would be very easy as I will probably be doing it whilst waiting for the plane to roll up to the aerobridge. I would love to get a GMT master or the new Aqua Terra GMT but I know the Mrs has my bonus earmarked for the Mortgage so that kind of coin is not likely to be available for watches!!

    I am only interested in Swiss/German Autos (no Quartz or Handwinders), no chinese movements. Grey market OK. I live in Australiaa, would consider 2nd hand but loads of sellers on the 2nd hand marketplace wont sell outside of the US. Budget somewhere in the $1500 - $2K bracket, obviously less is better. I love tool watches but, realistically I would be wearing it with a jacket in a business setting most of the time. Something conservative is probably best. I know the occasionally SMP GMT 'great white' models come up in the price range quoted, other than those, any other ideas?

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    If you have a look at my sig, you'll see a collection mostly of dual time GMT watches, most of which utilize the Swiss ETA 2893-2 jump hand GMT movement. They're all less than $AUD1k new, except for the LUM-TEC, which is $1,500 due to its tungsten carbide case. The 2893-2 movement is handwind/auto, good for c.40 hrs, solid and at least as accurate as one needs.

    Not shown is my Rolex GMT II, which is a tad more expensive, and a Victorinox with a Ronda Qz movement incorporating a second dial. It's the beater, as is the Seiko -- also Qz, but with a highly accurate movement and perpetual calendar

    I travel quite a bit, and my strategy is always to set the 24hr GMT hand to my home time, and the main hands to local.

    Depending on where I'm traveling to, I usually have the Rolex, a rep and a homage (such as the Steinhart). If the locale is a bit dodgy, just a rep and one of the beaters. I love reps; I have used them to get out of "difficult situations" twice now, and to me, that's the most "legitimate" reason always to have one on you.

    I've bought a couple of these through the WUS sales forum, and never had a problem buying, even when the seller specifies CONUS. The important thing is to have some references (eBay if not here) and use PayPal. Most people are happy to deal if they sense trust, backed by a measure of protection.

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