2013 Affordable Watches / F71 PROJECT REGISTRATION THREAD
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Thread: 2013 Affordable Watches / F71 PROJECT REGISTRATION THREAD

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    2013 Affordable Watches / F71 PROJECT REGISTRATION THREAD

    UPDATE 29 January, 2014

    A pre-production sample of the dial has been sent to Docvail of the committee. Here are his pictures and comments:

    What everyone needs to know (and all we can give you at the moment):

    1. We've approved production based on the dial. Remember, the case and bracelet are standard Binnacle Anchor (albeit with an all-brushed finish), so we are not waiting for a fully assembled prototype. Part of the reasoning for this decision was practicality - we don't want to delay production any more than absolutely necessary, especially now that the project is all but fully subscribed. We do not yet know the exact or even projected date to complete production. I'll ask Fred and get back to you.

    2. This dial was sent through the mail into my grubby mitts, which put prints on it, and it was photographed using my mobile phone in the less than sterile confines of my kitchen. PLEASE DO NOT start pestering me or the committee with questions or comments of "what about that dust, those hairs, and those filings, my watch won't have those in it, will it?" Of course not, unless Fred decides he wants to assemble the watches in my kitchen, and have me manhandle all the dials first. I'll update the thread if he tells me that's what's going to happen.

    3. There are certain aspects of producing a watch which involve some translation between mediums - going from Chip's renders using RGB color codes, which we all looked at on our various computer screens, which apparently varied wildly in their calibrations, to Fred's renders using Pantone colors, again which we all looked at on those unreliable screens, then finally getting to a real-world object, a metal dial with real color and texture, which was then photographed using the crappy camera in my phone - there is always going to be some subtle transformation in appearance at each step.

    Please let's not open up another long and pointless debate about whether the shade you think you see as you now look at these is a dead-on match to the shade we voted on, or it's off by 2%. We're making sausage here. We had a pig, and now you've got breakfast meat. It's too late to argue bacon would have been better. You'll have to get over the disappointment of expecting the sausage to be in patty form only to find we made links instead. This is the dial.

    All that tough talk out of the way, here's my impression - it's a great looking dial, and seems very well made.

    The color is Teal, but it's a dark teal. It looked lighter and a little more green yesterday in the Sun then it does now as I look at it under the flourescent lights. In the darkest depths of the docvail industries product lab bunker it looks less green and more blue.

    The grooves are clearly visible under any conditions. The central part of the dial does have the shimmering effect you'd expect from a sunburst pattern, but it's more even, like a metallic fleck paint, without the obvious radial striations you might expect based on the render.

    The indices are obviously applied. The date window is correct. The "W" logo is metallic, although in some pics it looks black, which is just a trick of the light.

    - Docvail

    ================================================== ====

    UPDATE - 10 January, 2014

    The WUS 2013 f71 project watch is


    All 200 limited edition pieces are spoken for. Names can still be added to the wait list but there is no guarantee that waitlisted members will receive a watch. If you are on the wait list
    DO NOT send any funds until you have been notified that a watch is available.

    ================================================== ===

    This thread is only for adding your name to the F71 Project Watch Registration List.

    If you wish to join and participate in this project, please reply to this thread and express your interest.

    You can register for the watch at any time during the project.

    Only members that have registered for the project watch will be allowed to vote in the design votes.

    All design questions, suggestions and query's are not to be posted in this thread.

    The initial offering price is US$220 (not including shipping).

    Current Watch Specification:

    • 316L Stainless Steel 40mm Explorer Case (polished/brushed or a combination of both)
    • 200 meter water resistance
    • Crown at 3 O’clock
    • Miyota 8215 automatic movement with White Date Wheel if required.
    • Superluminova (choice of colour)
    • Custom dial, with any texture/pattern or combination of textures/patterns we choose (within reason) and applied metal indices (unless otherwise specified in the design)
    • Any hands we choose, so long as they are “stock” hands (not a design which requires new tooling)
    • Stainless Steel Bracelet with solid curved end links
    • Crown, Clasp, Caseback and Dial markings of our choosing
    • Zippered Case with Watchuseek Logo
    • 2 year warranty

    Minimum order is 200 pieces for the watches to be manufactured.

    Production time will be around 4 months from the date of initial deposit.

    Here is the link to the F71 Registration List.

    It will be up to each registered member to continually check the F71 Project Sub Forum and Registration Spreadsheet for any new voting threads and updated project information so as to stay informed of the progress of the project.


    on behalf of the F71 committee
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    Re: 2013 Affordable Watches / F71 Project Registration Thread

    Ric Capucho

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    Re: 2013 Affordable Watches / F71 Project Registration Thread

    I am in - can't wait!

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    Re: 2013 Affordable Watches / F71 Project Registration Thread

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    Re: 2013 Affordable Watches / F71 Project Registration Thread

    Count me in.


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    Re: 2013 Affordable Watches / F71 Project Registration Thread

    In, please.
    Some of those, a few of these and a couple of the others.

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    Re: 2013 Affordable Watches / F71 Project Registration Thread

    Count me in!

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    Re: 2013 Affordable Watches / F71 Project Registration Thread

    Please add me to the list. I have been excited about this project from the beginning.

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    Re: 2013 Affordable Watches / F71 Project Registration Thread


    And thanks guys, for working hard behind the scenes. I appreciate it.
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    Re: 2013 Affordable Watches / F71 Project Registration Thread

    Of course.

    PS: That Google doc is awesome!

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