25. Expression of interest in the 2014 GMT project watch
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Thread: 25. Expression of interest in the 2014 GMT project watch

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    25. Expression of interest in the 2014 GMT project watch

    Please finalise your choice of dial colour by 8th April, 2015 09:00 GMT and let us know by replying to this thread

    This is a summary of our 2014 (!!!) GMT Chinese Mechanical Watch forum watch specifications, pricing and final renders.

    Check here for the registration list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/...=1&output=html

    * DG3804B movement

    * Square stainless steel case with flat sapphire crystal front and solid case back (text to be decided but no limited edition numbers) and water resistance of 3 ATM

    * MOQ of 150 and priced at US$210 each plus shipping (non-refundable deposit of US$100 to be collected once MOQ is met)

    * Outer dial will have sunburst pattern and there will no dial text apart from the WUS logo

    * All watches will come with a plain, brown strap and tang buckle with WUS logo

    * There will be some lume on the hour, minute and seconds hands

    Other issues such as lume on GMT arrow, choice of skeleton GMT hand and increased contrast/legibility for the cream dial are being discussed and we will keep you informed of any updates.


    1) Please reply to this thread with the number and dial colour of the watches you wish to purchase. Only post if you are truly interested as we will start taking deposits once we hit 150 watch commitments!

    2) Thomas will look into the skeleton red GMT hand and if possible it will be offered as an option - no promises though.

    3) The use of blue hour/minute hands for the cream dial is possible (renders may take a while as Thomas is in Basel) although we will need to reach a consensus as the entire batch of creams will need to either have the silver or blue hour/minute hands. We would like to confirm all cream dials will be fitted with blue hour/minute hands. Members who have chosen the grey dial may also opt for blue hands.

    4) Please use these shipping rates (from the new 1963 project) as a reference. They are subject to change if Hong Kong Post increases prices.

    "There are two shipping options available to members.

    Option 1

    Standard airmail with tracking: US$25 for all destinations (+US$12.50 for each additional watch).

    For example, if you have ordered 6 watches and you choose standard airmail, the shipping cost will be 25+(12.50x5) = US$87.50.

    Option 2

    EMS shipping

    1) North America, including Canada: US$38 ( + US$19 for each additional watch)

    2) Australia: US$30 ( + US$15 for each additional watch)

    3) Europe: US$42 ( + US$21 for each additional watch)

    4) Poland: US$48 ( + US$24 for each additional watch)

    5) Asia: US$28 ( + US$14 for each additional watch)

    6) Russia: US$48 ( + US$24 for each additional watch)

    For example, if you have ordered 6 watches and wish to use EMS to Poland, the shipping cost = 48+(24x5) = US$168.

    Note: To qualify for the combined shipping rate all watches must be shipped to the same address."

    Cream dial with blue hands

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    Re: 25. Final renders, specifications etc.

    I'm in, no matter what you use for a GMT hand.

    Folks, I've lost many debates about aesthetics in this project. But I'm still in and want it to succeed. It's easy to get wrapped up in the details we are committed to, but the result will still be a worthy addition to the collection, and I intend to follow through, just as I have done with other projects, when those details were decided after paying the deposit. Let's get our numbers back up and make this happen.

    Rick "ready to send money" Denney
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    Re: 25. Final renders, specifications etc.

    As above. Let me know when and where to send the money.
    Really, I'm just debating the color choices at the mo.
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    Re: 25. Final renders, specifications etc.

    Same here. Whichever way it goes.
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    Re: 25. Final renders, specifications etc.

    I'm in too - sign me up. 1 x Blue for me. With such a good looking watch, at a reasonable price, I struggle to see how we won't get the required numbers to put a deposit down.
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    Re: 25. Final renders, specifications etc.

    I will probably have to back out, the dropping euro has significantly raised the price and I don't love the renders enough to buy it at the current price. I'll think about it for a few days but I'm probably out.
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    Re: 25. Final renders, specifications etc.

    Looks great! I'm excited.

    EDIT: 1 Blue for me!

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    Re: 25. Final renders, specifications etc.

    I love it. And am really feeling the gmt hands... Either the grey or off-white for me
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    Re: 25. Final renders, specifications etc.

    Lets bring this puppy home folks.
    $200 is giving it away as it is limited edition and designed by your own self and boy how cool a conversation piece is that with the ladies.....I know as i got ST5 and it delivers!

    "oh,thats an unusual watch"
    "Thank You,I designed it myself....its one of only 100 in the entire world!"
    "no,I just do it in my spare time..come close and just listen to it"
    Draws closer puts watch to the ladies ear and bobs your uncle!

    Off white for me!
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    Re: 25. Final renders, specifications etc.

    I'm still in, BLUE for me please.

    Just a thought, wouldn't a black strap rather than brown strap be the most neutral colour for all three watches, and can we have the renders with the same colour strap that it will be shipping with, be it brown or black as per my suggestion
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