29er Big White Dial Thoughts
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Thread: 29er Big White Dial Thoughts

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    29er Big White Dial Thoughts

    Eyeing the new 29er Big white dial. Anyone picked one up? Thoughts? I have never owned a Muhle before, but have owned a few Nomos. Opinions on how they compare? Thanks!
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    Re: 29er Big White Dial Thoughts

    I had the chance to try one on at the Hamburg AD where I bought my Muhle SAR Flieger Chronograph. I really liked it in the metal and almost considered getting one, but have since found other watches that caught my eye more.

    It's nicely finished, just like every other Muhle I've come across. It wears large IMO due to that narrow bezel and white dial. It's also supposedly 11.3mm thick but looked and felt more substantial than that to me (perhaps due to the deeply sunken dial). Neither a good thing or a bad thing... just a personal observation.

    Hard to compare with Nomos... I've always felt Muhle do "substantial" watches very well, whereas Nomos watches are quite lithe in comparison. Cosmetically-speaking, both brands finish their watches to the expected standard IMO.

    I'd rather let other more knowledgeable people debate movements etc, although my SAR Flieger Chronograph has been an accurate timekeeper since I've had it.
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    Re: 29er Big White Dial Thoughts

    They are very well made like all MG's, and I agree they do tend to wear a bit larger than their size suggests.

    They kind of have an Alpina look to them IMHO, and I think you would find they compare favorably to Nomos in terms of overall quality.
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    Re: 29er Big White Dial Thoughts

    Muhle watches look and feel substantial and well made. I do not think you would be disappointed. Personally, I find the dial aesthetic of the 29er to be a little bland, but if you like the look I see little to hold you back.
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    I had the black dial of the Big and ended up selling it. Muhle really must go the extra mile when regulating the movement. I was at +1sec/day out of the box. Very impressive for an off the shelf movement. Not even my tudor BB can compete with that...

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    Re: 29er Big White Dial Thoughts

    I have one with the white dial. It's a great watch, I was looking for something casual and sporty with a white face. And I wanted a non-diver, as my collection is dive heavy. I purchased it on the bracelet. It's a nice bracelet but has no micro adjustments or half links so sizing can be tricky. It is a little tight if my wrist starts swelling during the day. Or a little too loose with one extra link. However, that's not too bad as it's not a heavy watch. I really like the looks and recently switched it over to a Hirsch Robby Red strap and now I wear it quite a bit more.
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    Re: 29er Big White Dial Thoughts

    These Hirsch (Robby, Andy, James) are great.
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    Re: 29er Big White Dial Thoughts

    Awesome watch, great value, if you can handle the size go for it! (It is not the 42mm but the rather large dial) I had the big one, but sold it since it was too big and am very happy with the "normal" one now (which still has a large dial for its sie-33mm ).
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    I love mine!! White dial goes with everything. Get it on the bracelet then get the brown strap. The watch is super accurate.

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    Re: 29er Big White Dial Thoughts

    Just bought my first Muhle this Summer, haven't been disappointed at all. And the 29er was one of my favorites; however, I ended up with the Terrasport II in a cream dial. For my small wrist size the 29er just looked a bit over-sized (especially with the dial height). It's a great build though, MG seem to make really nice looking hardy watches.
    Good Luck.

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